Homemade by Hail title pic

Homemade by Hail title pic

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Up-cycled Antique White Welsh Dresser

After up-cycling the dining room table and chairs, the welsh dresser which is also in the room, looked so out of place. More pine furniture on parquet floor! Erugh! 

As were are going to be redecorating the dining/living room using a green palette, I decided to paint the back slats and the knobs a shade of green, with the rest of the dresser an antique white. To do this, I had to remove the back slats, which my husband helped me with! And here it is:

In a different room to dry, but I am so happy with the results. It looks so much brighter. When it goes back in the dining room, I am planning on attaching hooks and hanging my Cath Kidston mugs from them in a real country cottage style. The Cath Kidston mugs will also tie in with the materials used for the dining set. Fab!

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