Homemade by Hail title pic

Homemade by Hail title pic

Friday, 14 August 2015

3 Tips for Finding your Design Style

It all started with a new kitchen. Having planned to move house and in the end it falling through, we decided to (in the words of Kirstie and Phil) 'love it' and redecorate the whole house! The main room to start on was the kitchen, which was a 60's kitchen that had been spray painted red and black. Friends of ours had nick named it the Dennis the Menace kitchen. Ordering a cream gloss modern kitchen with green tiles, sparked a redecoration and design frenzy.

I am still learning and day by day I learn a little more. I am trying to find out what my style is and what I enjoy creating. I definitely enjoy up-cycling furniture and upholstery projects.

Mood boards and scrap-booking have made a real impact on my journey. So here are my tips to finding your style:


I started off buying one interior design/house keeping magazine, and now I've always got at least one hanging around the house. I cut out pictures, colours and ideas that I like - anything that inspires me. I was also given a book by a parent of the school I work at who knew that I was re-decorating. Its a book all about design blogging - and here I am blogging. I owe that lady a huge thank you!

2. Create a mood board

A mood board is a place for you to collect your thoughts and ideas in one place. I started with a large piece of cardboard and some colour swatches cut out from paint booklets (free in any DIY shop). I've added pictures from magazines, newspapers, pieces of material. I didn't think I'd ever decorate my house with green, but it turns out I love it!

3. Keep a Scrapbook

I have chosen a folder for my scrapbook (Cath Kidston of course, if you hadn't already guessed), using the different compartments for different scraps. I pick up and keep business cards and leaflets from other up-cyclers, furniture shops, etc. I also keep cut outs of any home making projects that I like the idea of. I aim to make them all, and hope to put my own spin on them, and then add my makes to the blog!  

In theory, these three tips could be applied to any hobby/new blog. Don't forget, I'm completely new to this as well. I would love to hear from fellow bloggers with any other tips and ideas.


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