Homemade by Hail title pic

Homemade by Hail title pic

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Fireplace Renovation

We have had to adapt and change so many aspects of the house since having a baby, and the latest is the fireplace. We used to have a large mantelpiece with a gas fire placed in front of it:

The tiles on the floor were so dangerous for Miri, and she kept grabbing the grill of the gas fire and pulling herself up to standing. I spent all day pulling her away or placing cushions and pillows over the fireplace to cover it. It had to go!

Here are a few pics of the work in progress:




The floor piece is padded and covered in oilcloth, much safer for Miri and can be wiped clean! The fireplace is painted with magnetic chalk board paint so when Miri is old enough she can draw and write on it. So much more child friendly, and pretty!

I had already up-cycled the fireplace sometime last year, so there are actually three before and after pics:

What do you think?

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